Jigsaw Felt Roll Up Storage Mat

The felt jigsaw puzzle mat (125cm L x 85cm W) is suitable for round and rectangular puzzles up to 2500pcs. It’s an essential accessory for jigsaw puzzle enthusiasts, but also for casual jigsaw puzzlers, as it allows users to roll up a part completed jigsaw puzzle and store it away when its not been put together. It is very helpful in freeing up space when you’ve finished working on a puzzle for the time being. 

Printed with guidelines for various puzzle sizes and shapes, the felt offers a non-slip surface that helps with keeping puzzle pieces in place and holding the puzzle’s shape during the build. It can also help keep loose puzzles pieces from falling off the mat and being misplaced.  It’s also a great way for storing a fully completed puzzle for safe keeping or transporting the puzzle to a picture framer for wall framing.