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The Sharing Kindness Calendar

This kindness calendar will empower you and your family in a very fun and interactive way to help build a kinder tomorrow. It not only encourages being kind to others but also includes self-reflection, confidence and resilience building activities.

Jam-packed with Easy-To-Do Kindness Challenges, Reusable Stickers and ‘Scratchies’ for the whole family to enjoy!

We know that small, as well as big acts of kindness make a massive difference. They can make someone feel seen, be the start of a new friendship or even break a pattern of estrangement or isolation.

Why this Calendar helps families:

  1. Teach kids positive habits by shifting the focus from chocolates to sharing kindness and helping others
  2. Create an easy-to-do Christmas tradition that is fun, interactive and teaches valuable lessons
  3. Teach children to be themselves, gain confidence and bounce back from challenges more easily
  4. Share the true meaning of Christmas by focussing on kindness, appreciation and connection rather than gifts
  5. Create beautiful conversations on a much deeper level than ever before
  6. Reconnecting families to the ‘golden rule’ of treating others the way they want to be treated

Watch this video to see how amazing this truly is!