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Seriously Milestone Cards - Preggo

Not your typical milestone cards, but they're the ones you really need. Seriously Milestones are all about keeping it real. These ones make the perfect gift for a new mum-to-be.

Each pack contains 19 cards (A6 size) to be used as a photo prop or keepsake.

Cards include:  

  • Shit Just Got Real (I'm up the duff)
  • I can no longer see past my guts
  • I LOVE it when strangers rub my belly
  • Baby Brain
  • First Stretch Marks
  • So much new body hair
  • I can no longer do up my shoelaces
  • I need to pee every 5 minutes
  • My normal clothes don't fit anymore
  • I sneezed...enough said
  • Everything makes me want to spew
  • Somebody get this kid out of me!
  • Apparently I'm not the right size for my dates
  • Heart Burn
  • I'm SO tired
  • Seriously Hormonal
  • Craving
  • I know it's me, but it's hot in here
  • Hello cankles

 Also available Baby, Toddler and Fur Baby Milestone Cards.