Flower Power Really Big Picnic Rug

Each piece in the Picnic Season x D McNaughton Art collab collection is a high resolution fine art reproduction of an original mixed media on canvas artwork.
What else makes this the perfect picnic rug?
  • At 2.9 x 2.9m it comfortably seats up to 9 adults and oodles of kids
  • Sturdy waterproof PVC backing for durability and ultimate dryness on the dampest of surfaces
  • DuPont Teflon© stain and water-resistant top side encourages liquid to bead and makes it harder for stains to stick and easier to remove
  • Made with reinforced eyelet corners
  • Comes with a four pack of super-strong aluminium Picnic Pegs ensure your picnic stays put on the grass
  • Keep your hands free to carry the important stuff and up the fun-factor with a matching, water-resistant, lined drawstring backpack
  • No velcro, fiddly straps or origami skills required. Just fold down into a square shape til you can’t fold no more
  • The rug is 40 x 40cm when perfectly folded, but who's got time for that? The matching backpack has been designed with extra room so the rug can be easily stuffed back in, no matter how shabby your folding skills.
  • Total weight of Rug + Backpack + Picnic Pegs set is 4.7kg
  • 100% Polyester

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